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Guest Comments

January 2018

“Guests for life"
Gao S
Where do I even begin... My wife and I recently got married in Paresa, but more on that later. Let's start with our first trip to Paresa in 2014.
My wife (then girlfriend) and I first came to Paresa for a short trip in 2014. We booked the Ocean Pool Suite and was completely in love with the room and the views. The food was equally amazing. The Paresa staff were attentive, helpful, and always smiling. We fell so much in love with the place that, instead of being safe and holding our wedding in Singapore, we decided to hold it at Paresa. 
It was not an easy decision to make, given the distance, potential language barriers, and the crazy amount of coordination required to pull-off a destination wedding. After a few email exchanges with Paresa's wedding coordinator, we decided that a recce trip would be good. Which was a bit of an excuse to take a short vacation =P
We went to Paresa in August 2017 for our wedding recce trip and was immediately surprised with a complimentary bottle of wine, as return guests. The fact that Paresa remembered us visiting so many years ago speaks volume about their attention to detail. And it is precisely these little details (amongst other things) that puts Paresa in a league of its own. The room we booked for this recce trip was equally impeccable, as were the service standards. Paresa was exactly the way we remembered. 
To be very fair and balanced, we did experience a scary episode with our wedding coordinator after our recce trip. She would not answer our texts for days at a time and emails sometimes went unanswered for weeks. We were very taken aback because she was very helpful and attentive when we met her. Out of the blue, we get an email from her saying that she is quitting and will be handing our portfolio to Yui, Paresa's other wedding coordinator (Yui would later turn out to be a stand-out wedding coordinator, but more on her in a bit). We highlighted our distress at these sudden turn of events to Paresa's General Manager, Dawid. Dawid immediately reassured us that nothing will be dropped and our wedding will be back on track with extra attention. He even gave us his personal number should we feel the need to speak with him directly. We never had to use it but this was really helped put our minds at ease. Side-note: We had a chance to meet Dawid a few days before our wedding and it was such a joy talking to him.
On to Yui, our new wedding coordinator. Since we didn't meet her in our August recce trip, we had no idea what to expect. Not to mention we were still reeling a bit from the sudden change. But Yui was prompt and attentive. There were some teething problems at the start but it was probably because our previous wedding planner did not do a good job with the handover. After the initiation storming period, we got into a good groove with Yui. She would sometimes entertain our incessant questions past midnight. Mind you, after the departure of our previous wedding coordinator, Yui had to handle ALL the wedding portfolios at Paresa. She was always patient and helpful. She helped with everything from menu printing to feeding our vendors. But I am told a good review should have concrete examples so here goes:
1) Our menu had a sort of octagonal design, with a gold border. Yui offered to colour the edges of our menu with gold magic marker to make it shinier so that it will "pop" more in the light. We're talking about printing, cutting and then drawing in 50 menus. Not an easy task. And all done on her own time. 
2) Our decor team and make-up artist wanted some fresh flowers for decoration and for the bride's hairdo. Yui helped us obtain a bouquet-amount of fresh flowers from the wedding florist and then hand-delivered them to our villa on the morning of the wedding.
3) One of our guests suddenly became vegetarian and we only found out about this on the day of the wedding. Yui made sure that he was served a vegetarian meal for the dinner. 
4) Our decor team left a custom-made sign at the Paresa and we only found out when we returned to Singapore. Yui found the sign, and is in the process of posting it back to us.
These are just some examples off the top of my head. Above and beyond everything, Yui's calm demeanor offered such a reassuring presence on the wedding day. Everything went according to plan and it was beautifully executed. It is no wonder that Paresa is the most sought-after wedding venue in Phuket. 
On to the wedding proper. Firstly, for couples looking to hold your wedding in Paresa, the Grand Residence is the perfect villa to stay in. It is huge and the view is unparalleled. 
1) The Miracle Lawn: While looking for a photographer for our wedding, I got a chance to see pictures of quite a few locations in Phuket. My honest opinion is that there is no better venue for the ceremony than the Miracle Lawn. Being set on top of a cliff, and holding the ceremony at sunset, the view is simply breathtaking. Your photographer will have a field day. Side note: if you are still on the hunt for a wedding photographer, I absolutely recommend Aht Yomyai. You will be hard-pressed to find better, more hardworking and dedicated photographer than Aht. 
2) The Infinity Pool deck: The Infinity Pool deck is a beautiful venue for dinner. We had it decked out in fairy lights with six round tables. It was so beautifully done that my wife and I stopped in our tracks just to admire it on our way down to dinner.
3) Accommodation arrangements: Paresa arranged for our family members and guests to be accommodated in rooms that were as close to each other as possible. This seems under-rated but it greatly facilitated our pre-wedding preparations. 
4) The fireworks: When the Wife first decided we were getting fireworks, my first thought was "Oh man, I'm basically just burning money". But after experiencing it, no regrets whatsoever. Although not the sort you would see on New Year's Eve, these are are still high-quality fireworks. And because of the proximity of the explosions, you and your guests will have a far more visceral experience. Worth.Every.Penny.
I could go on a lot longer but I will cap it here. We have had nothing but good experiences and good vibes in all our times spent at Paresa. And as the title says, we will definitely be coming back regularly; on a yearly basis if the Wife gets her way.

“Unexpected Surprise"
Munich, Germany
We were looking for a place to have a western, coffee shop-type lunch after so many Thai meals, and were recommended to try the Talung Thai restaurant at Paresa resort. We were not disappointed. The unexpected surprise was the view at this off the beaten track location overlooking a cove. And elevator at this boutique hotel takes you up to a landing where there is literally only just a grass-covered podium with a breathtaking view of the Andaman sea. A separate elevator taking us to the restaurant opens up to an indoor/outdoor restaurant. Naturally, we took an outdoor table built around a tree that pierced through the floor of the podium. The unobstructed panoramic seaview from the patio was equally breathtaking. Just incredible.
The menu provided a decent variety of local and western fare. From this, we ordered the fried cheese balls, grilled ham and cheese sandwich (the best I've had- crispy, light buttered bread smothered with cheese and ham) , gazpacho soup and coconut ice cream. All were top international quality. 
In between the food, we were non-stop taking pictures and videos of this amazing view. And I mean amazing view... one of the few instances where my memories of a restaurant were dominated more by the view, and complemented by great food. A bit pricey though, but definitely worth a visit!

“Outstanding Staff, Breathtaking Views, Magnificent Hotel"
Hobart, Australia
What to recommend first? The excellent training of every single member of staff makes this hotel stand out from all others. No effort has been spared to ensure that your every wish is not only accommodated but anticipated. The welcome is genuine. When we reached our superb, very private room, the generous infinity pool, looking out over the ocean, seemed like heaven. By international standards, this hotel is punching way above its weight. The price, given this kind of quality, is very reasonable. This place is faultless. Bravo!

“Wonderful Hotel-- Truly a Heaven of Heavens"
Madrid, Spain
What a wonderful end to our Thailand trip- the Hotel is absolutely stunning, the views breathtaking, the rooms beautifully decorated in a simple, zen yet luxurious way- but the best part of everything was the amazing staff and the 5 star treatment you get from the minute you walk through the doors.
Everywhere you go find a friendly face trying to make your stay perfect.The rooms are extremely private and it feels like you have the whole hotel to yourself
(even though we were there in peal season and the hotel was fully booked out.)
Paresa truly is a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries.
Such a well run establishment- congratulations the the staff and management!

Steve G
London, United Kingdom
On arrival doesn't look anything special. Down the stairs to reception and its minimalist and sparse, whitewashed and chic. Check in smooth and quick. Escorted to suite. 
The surprise and WOW factor is when your escort takes you thru to the actual resort, banging the accent Gong to announce your arrival (lovely touch), opening the big old doors to the actual resort and then you get the view which is spectacular.
Buggy to suite. Entry level pool suite. Fabulous. Nice size, well maintained, superb bathroom, comfy bed, amazing bathroom, fabulous terrace with pool, day loungers X 2, table/chairs and that view again - it was heavenly.
Breakfast is a leisurely and wonderful affair. A La carte plus buffet items. Top quality. Love a glass of Champagne with my breakfast!
Didn't eat dinner in restaurants but did have room service two nights in villas and was again lovely and very reasonably priced. We enjoyed the villa so much was nice to eat there too on our own in our own little world/slice of paradise.
Staff all profession and very polite as you would expect.
Tip Top all round. Far enough away from Patong etc but near enough if the mood takes you. Went to the HQ beach club one day and had a good day at the beach.

“Beautiful views, private infinity pool, 5-star service"
Hopewell Junction, New York
We stayed here for two days (wish it had been more) in December, 2017. Our room was large, clean, and well stocked with complementary goodies. The view from the private patio (or your private infinity pool) is breathtaking and the sunsets are yours to enjoy. The staff are well trained to meet your every need, and their friendliness is genuine. The resort has everything you need, so there is no reason to go elsewhere. The restaurant has a wonderful breakfast and the lunch/dinner menu is varied and quite good. The spa and gym are great. The resort has nice Lexus vehicles that have reasonable rates for half-day tours with knowledgeable drivers. Taxis are easy to come by via the front desk. We were glad we stayed here and sorry we had to leave.

“Our private little heaven on earth"
We are just back home from a 12 days stay at the resort, celebrating both X-Mas and New Year there. It was perfect in all meanings and senses.
After spending about 20 years in another resort in Langkawi, where we always have been treated as kings, we wanted to try something else. My wife choose Paresa after a very tough selection process and writing many mails to many hotels in Phuket. Here, Paresa scored already perfect, as mails were promptly and correctly answered. 
So, we finally arrived on Friday 22Dec2017 after a long overnight flight. Pickup and Transportation was smooth, nice car, well done. 
We were greeted by the GM - Mr. Dawid Koegelenberg - and his very friendly staff upon arrival and immediately escorted to our villa close by. We had deliberately chosen a pool villa on the top floor and that was a very wise decision. The views are amazing, the room is huge, and the pool is X-large. Sunset from our terrace was superb, I took too many photos here. It was very quiet in the resort, despite full-house occupancy. Most people we came across and talked to were couples, just like us. There is indeed no beach to walk around, but that did not hinder us from watching the many boats passing by in front of us.
We ventured out for dinner a couple of times to the nearby beach locations, but that was a mistake. The quality and quantity of food at the resort’s restaurant is far better than the tourist traps we visited, and we did not select the cheapest pizza place to eat in. To be honest, some restaurants were quite good (e.g. Silk, The Terrace), others were a mistake. I had the best Thai food in years in the resort, same with the occasional Western food (they run 2 menus at the same restaurant, you can even mix). In short: stay in, you will not regret it.
Celebrating X-Mas at Paresa was a real top and intimate experience at the same time. We first had cocktails with small appetizers up on the terrace, followed by a short but emotional performance by a group of children that sang X-Mas song. The outdoor restaurant at Paresa was very nicely decorated for X-Mas and all the lights made it a magical place. Food was amazing, top products and wine, well worth the price. It was clear that a lot of work and thought were put in the preparation. 
What made it even more a memorable evening, was the Cuban live music band. Gosh, that lady can sing. Gosh, that lady can get the people on their feet on the dancefloor. It's been a long time since we danced salsa (well, did we ever?). 
Fast forward to New Year’s evening, which was different than X-Mas with a big BBQ. So much variety, so many items to chose from. Luckily the Cuban band – there were also other performances - was back to get us moving on the dance floor. This time, we were salsa experts, you know! Here again, the Paresa team had prepared this very well. 
I think we have found our new place to be for the next coming years. We were treated like kings, service was outstanding. We also agree with the positive comments about the GM. Mr. Dawid Koegelenberg is a great person and an excellent manager and drives his team to service excellence. He is very present, making sure all your questions are answered or wishes fulfilled. Thank you for all your hard work to make this a great stay for us, it is much appreciated.
But let's not forget the many other staff members who absolutely do their best to make this a dream holiday. We had great little chats with the cleaning staff, breakfast was a chatter, and the rest of the people all around the hotel, even the taxi drivers from the hotel were very courteous and on time, every time. 
We also want to extend our special thanks to the Executive Chef. These were the busiest days of the year and he did a marvelous job with his team, every night but especially for X-Mas and the New Year BBQ. 
Sure, there are other great hotels out there, probably even close by, but a great hotel with this kind of personal touch and service straight from the heart, you will not find many of those around. See you next time!

December 2017

“A Magical Resort in a Magical Place"
Manhattan Beach, California
Our family of five (three grown children) stayed at the Paresa for 5 nights - 12/26-12/31/17. While many 5-star experiences can be found at larger chains, we lean towards smaller boutique resorts as we have found the service and personal touch creates a better experience. We found all that and more at Paresa. The GM, Dawid, greeted us as we arrived and then again each morning at breakfast. He is a constant presence at the hotel and ensures that the property and staff are all working in unison to ensure a great experience for guests. The restaurant delivers superior food with excellent variety and the resort staff is exceptional. My wife and daughters utilized numerous spa services during the stay and found good value for the price. The rooms and views are unmatched and unique compared to other resorts. If you want a tranquil place that energizes you, Paresa delivers!

“Great way to spend Christmas"
Peter S
Had a great time as always. David and his team made sure everything was excellent from start to finish. The chef and his team merged the best of Europe with the finest Thai cuisine to make every meal one to remember.
The views, the pools, the service...everything was outstanding and we were made to feel so welcome. Thank you to the whole team for such a memorable stay. We can't wait to join you again. I can't recommend Paresa enough for a true experience of luxury and relaxation.

“The most Incredible wedding!"
We had our wedding here in November and from the moment we arrived to the moment we left everything was perfect. The reason we picked the hotel was for its picturesque location and views, which in my opinion were out of this world! 
Leading up to our wedding the weather was not great but on our day it was perfect. We got to really appreciate the hotels grounds and our photos our absolutely stunning.
The service through out our stay was first class. The friendly staff could not help us enough. They were a huge help on our wedding day and we can't thank them enough for making our day a dream come true.
The grand residence villa we booked was beautiful. It was huge! We had our guests back after the wedding for drinks in the living area, which was the perfect end to our day. 
Once again I would like to thank every single member of staff at the hotel for making out stay perfect!

“Great holiday despite the weather"
London, United Kingdom
A really nice hotel, away from the hustle and bustle of Patong.
The staff really make the difference. It won't suit everyone but as a couple without kids, needing a bit of quiet relaxation, this was perfect. The views were great. Food was excellent from the Thai menu and not over-expensive. Special mention to Dear at front of house, Bee and Vid in the restaurant and Nid in house keeping. In truth Dawid has got a great team there and everyone really looked after my wife and I. We will be back when its sunny!

November 2017

“Treated like a Queen"

I was overwhelmed with options when trying to choose a resort in Phuket. This one amazing photo of an in-room pool at Paresa kept me coming back to their webpage. After discovering they were offering a vegetarian package that coincided with the annual Vegetarian Festival held in Thailand I made my decision that this is where I wanted to stay. Only thing I regret is not staying here the whole time I was in Phuket.
The package included airport pickup, which was clutch after flying for 21 hours from New York. I was picked up from the airport by a man that drove a black truck emblazoned with the hotel's name. He wore all white, I was into it. My friend and I were immediately sweating after being smacked in the face with the humidity of Thailand once we left the airport. Once our luggage was put inside the truck, we got in and were offered cold towels (so refreshing!), fresh fruit skewers nicely displayed on palm leaves, ice cold water and local beers. Needless to say I cracked open a beer. 
I was surprising a friend with the accommodations, so I was very excited to arrive and hoped that the hotel would live up to my expectations. We arrived in the middle of the night, but were still given a tour around the resort. The first person we met at the resort, and one of the most amazing staff members at Paresa was Arm. Arm took us around the hotel on a little tour showing us all the amenities. We couldn't get the full picture since it was dark , but he made us feel at home. We rang a huge antique gong as he welcomed us to the "Heaven of all Heavens" and he opened up an impressively large set of doors which led out to a 24 karat gold floor. I really was in Heaven. I couldn't get over the fact that all of the employees wore white, so nice, they called themselves the 'angels' of the resort. 
Little golf carts, or Baki's as they called them, took us around the hilly resort. Not sure if I spelt that right. After the tour , we were whisked away to our room and our luggage arrived shortly after. The first thing we did was jump in the pool....nice and warm. Noticed a lovely outdoor shower. I was in heaven. We called the front desk and had a ride arranged to take us to Bangla Road, the resort made me feel so safe in a foreign country. I probably called the front desk more times than anyone should and I was treated so nicely by every member of the staff each and every time. 
Once the morning came and the sun hit the cliff the resort sits upon, we were amazed. We stayed in the Ocean Pool Suite and I requested a room with no obstructions like trees or anything in the view and this was exactly what I got. I was able to take some of the most amazing photographs at sunset each day! We barely slept inside on this trip, it was so nice outside and there were no bugs.
We went to the pool twice and only saw a few other patrons, we felt like we were the only ones at the resort most of the time, absolutely amazing feeling. A 90 minute massage was also included in the package , this was the best thing. We had a massage scheduled near sunset (accidentally done) and once it was over there was a beautiful balcony outside the room you could sit on and enjoy hot ginger tea and fresh pineapple slices. We stayed almost 45 minutes after our massage and were in complete and utter bliss. This was hands down the best massage either of us had ever felt. At breakfast one day, someone appeared out of nowhere and also gave us a complimentary 5 minute massage, not sure what we did to deserve this. 
A cooking class was part of the trip and my friend and I happened to be the only people in the class! We were given very nice aprons that had the hotel's name on it and we were able to take them home. We made about 4 dishes in the most beautiful kitchen that I have ever been in. The room was floor to ceiling windows with incredible views. This was such a cool experience and the chef was very good about answering all of our questions. A framed certificate of completion was sent to my room later that day! What a nice touch. 
We discovered a new drink on this trip, the hotel offered the most amazing iced green tea with a sugar syrup that could be added as a sweetener. We added a little (or a lot) of tequila to this and we dubbed it our new signature drink. We were OBSESSED. We even were given to-go cups of our favorite drink from time to time which was so nice. 
Our original plan was to only stay at Paresa for two days, but after the service we received, we knew we needed to stay one more day. We sat down with Arm to discuss the possibility of staying. We were brought cold towels and a drink as he punched a few numbers into a calculator, I loved this place. He gave us a discounted price and we were able to stay in our original room, excellent customer service. Arm was very personable and talked with us about his travel experience and gave us tips regarding the rest of our stay in Thailand. 
On the last day of my stay I needed to take a ferry and Paresa helped me to arrange the whole thing. We were leaving before breakfast was served but were offered an option to order early in the morning and have it in to-go bags at the front desk waiting for us before we left for the ferry. THIS WAS AMAZING! At every opportunity posed, the staff at Paresa went above and beyond to make my first trip to Thailand nothing short of amazing. 
I cannot wait to return to Paresa Resort, until then I will be dreaming of my stay.

“Delicious dinner at Diavolo"

Had a wonderful evening and dinner at Diavolo, love this restaurant as they serve both Thai and Italian food, two separate menus , one kitchen, makes it easy when taking a group there as there is so much choice. I had the pork Ribs which was excellent as was my husbands sea bass with lime chilli, other guests enjoyed the roast chicken, soft shell crab, green chicken curry, sea bass covered in salt crust, which they cracked open at the table! Great selection of wines and fabulous cocktails. We will be back.

“Luxurious Villa in Paradise with Perfect Views"

We stayed here for 5 days to relax and unwind after trekking Everest Basecamp. We chose Paresa as it looked like everything a luxurious wind down should be: beautiful modern pool villas resting on a cliff-top overlooking the Andaman Sea. When we arrived at the resort we were not disappointed. 
From the moment we checked in we felt relaxed. We were greeted by the manager Dawid and given a brief history of the resort. It's always lovely to meet the manager and Dawid's warmth and friendliness set the tone for the rest of our holiday. The other staff were very friendly and attentive. The service from everyone was of a very high standard. 
We stayed in a Grand Residence Pool Villa situated at the top of the hill overlooking the resort. This villa is what luxury travel is all about with it's beautifully modern and simplistic bedroom which opens out on to the patio with the horizon pool. The double vanity bathroom and gorgeous oversize, deep soaking bathtub with it's spectacular view of the sea was just stunning. There was a choice from an indoor or outdoor shower and toilet, all of which come with views of the sea.
What makes this Villa so amazing is the patio area with its huge living space and large horizon pool. We were lucky to have 5 glorious days of sunshine and spent all day either in the horizon pool looking at the Andaman Sea which was like glass (making for truly spectacular horizon pool pics) or lazing in the comfy lounges of the outdoor living space. The villa also comes with a full kitchen and huge outdoor, covered dining space. 
The food was definitely a notch above most 5 star resorts. The buffet breakfast had everything you could want and more and the choices from the menu were delicious. The French sparkling was definitely a winner at breakfast for us and our waitress, Bee, made sure she kept topping us up. We had dinner twice at the restaurant and had the Thai menu. The food was so fresh and full of local flavour. Highly recommended. Room service was also great and very quick. 
There is happy hour twice a day with half price drinks. They even deliver them to your villa which is perfect as happy hour coincided with sunset so we didn't need to leave to the villa while watching the spectacular sunsets. 
We have stayed in some amazing, luxurious resorts and villas around the world, but this villa would definitely have to be the grandest in all respects. The location, the aspect, the horizon pool, the bathroom and bathtub with the view and the well appointed bedroom all made this 5 day wind down one of the best experiences of our lives. 
I would highly recommend Paresa to anyone looking for a romantic, quiet, luxurious vacation with perfect views.

Glen P
Hong Kong, China

Good views, food and wine. The restaurant is located on a magnificent deck with great views, get there early and enjoy a sundowner to go with the stunning sunset, good selection of food and a comprehensive wine list.

October 2017

Phuket, Thailand

Being resident n retired on Phuket, lunch is our daily pre-occupation.
The Island now offers fantastic eating adventures of world class standard, created by imaginative, creative chef's.
None more so than Paresa.
A truly not to be missed fine dining leisure experience. 
Great Team. Stunning view. Ambience Wow !!!

“Haven of haven"
This was my 2nd time stay in Paresa I booked at first the spa suite pool all is perfect except for me i dont like to have the bathroom outside the room next to the nature i dont like lizard in general how about take a pee next to them 
So i changed later to the grand residence villa the room was big and perfect all facilities is amazing the pool was big and have excellent privacy for women wearing hijab. In room dining and lunch amazing and have halal option food but the quantity is little for big guys like me.
Breakfast buffet is delicious and the resort has multiple romantic activates and the view is extraordinary.
In overall it was an amazing stay, and i highly recommend this resort for honeymooners

September 2017

“Exceeding any expectations!!"
Beijing, China
Don't think twice just press the book button,now, before it's fully booked. Amazing experience! The rooms are large, impeccable regarding cleaning, The bed is excellent. Air conditioning is totally silence. Room service is perfect.The view from the room is better than the best postcard you can buy. The staff is very well trained, very helpful, discreet and smiling. You can feel that they are happy to make your stay as happy and comfortable as possible. All this was already much more than I expected however...THE FOOD,...was even better!! Not sure how to describe something that is more than amazing, more than excellent. The Executive Chef "Jordi" is truly more than just a chef, he is an artist that is cooking. We tried almost everything from the menu and each dish was perfect. the right balance of flavors, the difference in texture...I could go on for hours... Thank you Jordi and your team, Housekeeping FOH and BOH team for this incredible experience.

“Heaven on Earth thanks to Jordi and his amazing kitchen!"
Thierry D
Beijing, China
We stayed 2 nights in Heaven (Paresa in Thai language if I understood properly) and everything was perfect! I rarely saw such a flawless resort. On our last evening, we asked Jordi to prepare a Discovery Menu, giving him White Card on the selection and WOW!!! What a discovery! Jordi is definitely a Kitchen God! Thank you!!!

Nevin J
United Arab Emirates
Paresa truly lives up to its name "Heaven of all Heavens".
It was our honeymoon trip and the 3 nights stay at Paresa was a surprise for my wife.
Location of the resort is a little away from the main city, which is the beauty of it. The staffs were very friendly and welcoming.
As we arrived my wife was screaming with joy seeing the resort and our room.
I chose the Cliff Pool Villa for the stay (villa 307). The view from the private pool is amazing with no trees distracting the sunset view. The villa also has a bathtub facing the beautiful Kamala beach. Watching the sunset from the bathtub or the private pool with a drink is an experience itself.
The buffet/ ala carte breakfast is exceptional. 
Once you are here, you would hardly feel like stepping out from the resort. Allow yourself to take it slow, relax and witness the beautiful Asian sunsets. This will surely rejuvenate you.
If you are a nature lover who appreciates nature and all things that come along with it, surely you would love this luxury experience so close to nature.

“Wonderful Oasis"
We were married at Paresa last year and it was absolutely magical. We couldn't have wished for a more perfect wedding and our guests were blown away by the whole event- the food, set up, and most especially the views and the spectacular sunset we were fortunate enough to have. The wedding package was incredible and having a wedding planner included made the whole process so incredibly easy- especially as we organised it all off-site! 
We only stayed a few nights as we headed to Khao Lak afterwards but our time there was very enjoyable. We had a few glitches with our room but management were apologetic and rectified matters. We returned for our anniversary and this time stayed for a week. We couldn't have wished for better customer service, or a better holiday overall. We stayed in a cliff pool villa and it was absolutely spectacular. The villa was so private and we really felt like we were in our own little oasis. It had everything we needed - great coffee, beautiful toiletries, plenty of drinking water, well stocked beverages, indoor and outdoor shower, beautiful big bath (which was filled for our arrival) all with spectacular ocean views, and also a bluetooth speaker in the room. 
The room attendance was also fantastic. Little treats left on the bed, nightly turn-down service, and our requests were met promptly. Our room attendant Nid was so lovely and left our room immaculate each day and even took the time to arrange all our things in the room so beautifully too. The views are incredible and unforgettable- what a sight to wake up to each morning! 
Every member of staff we encountered were extremely friendly and couldn't do more for us. All the staff made us feel so special from the moment we walked in to the moment they closed the door of our cab to the airport. The assistant general manager Kaew (Pathama) also took great care of us, introducing herself personally and tended to any requests we had immediately. She couldn't have been more helpful or accomodating. 
The food at the restaurant was superb. Dining costs more than local thai restaurants but it is faultless. They offered a Thai menu, a mediterranean including tapas menu. We chose from all the menus during our stay and each was amazing. The tapas was fantastic. The breakfast is the best we've had and has everything you could want - mostly all made fresh and to order too. Make sure you try the french toast and banana bread - absolutely delicious and quite possibly the best banana bread we've ever tasted. 
We used the gym every day which was well equipped, immaculate and offered the best views you could ever wish for whilst working out (180 degrees of ocean views)! 
The resort it is secluded from the rest of Kamala which only adds to the tranquility. It makes it really feel like a private haven away from the rest of the world (and there's complimentary shuttles to town several times a day so it wasnt an issue for us). 
Exceptional resort, exceptional views, exceptional service. Incredible.

“Lives up to it's name"
Lindsay G
From the moment we arrived, we truly felt like we had stepped into the "heaven of all heavens". True to it's name, we were treated with 5 star service, stayed in beautiful accommodations, and got to stare at the most stunning views from any angle. My husband and I visited Paresa for 4 nights during our honeymoon throughout Thailand. After a cliffside ride on a golf cart, we arrived at our ocean pool villa and it was incredible. We could've spent weeks on end at the private pool and the main pool, which is stunning. The breakfast and dinner at the restaurants was excellent (we ate there every morning and 3 of the 4 nights there). They have a lot of private dining options as well. The staff everywhere was wonderful. I simply cannot say enough great things about this resort... you will not want to leave!!!

“Holiday Vacation"
Sugar Land, Texas
It is a very nice hotel. The only thing it is quite far away from main attractions. You have to request for a taxi each time. The front desk and the staff at the restaurant were excellent. It does not have excess to beach directly but has a excellent view.

August 2017

“Heavenly stay
Rebecca R
Bendigo, Australia
TFrom the moment we walked into the resort, we knew our stay was going to be amazing. Staff were very friendly, happy and helpful. The rooms are incredible, whilst you pay more than the average Phuket resort, it is definitely worth while. Our first night was in a spa suite, which was large and great views, though were later upgraded to a grand residence pool
Villa due to a small incident, in which the staff handled very well. The grand residence was beyond my expectations. The area was huge, with a beautiful large pool and amazing views. The restaurant at the hotel offered a great selection of food, at reasonable prices and was delicious. We ended up not leaving the resort. 
We also completed a Thai cooking class which I would highly recommend.
We loved our stay so much that we are just about to book our next trip.

“Azmazing View / Luxurious Rooms / First Class Service”
Joseph H
This is my first time writing a review. I visited many resorts and hotels repeatly in my lifetime, but none left such a memorable and deep impression as Peresa Resort.
This is my 2nd time return to Peresa Resort after 8 years. I was there from 10th to 13th Aug. The place is well-kept as ever, beautiful huge rooms with total privacy and luxury. 
The thing that impress me most after 8 years is the service and the hospitality. A BIG shout out to the General Manager Dawid Koeglenberg, who welcomed us personally on our arrival, and even presented us a Welcome Back Complementary Wine, which was plesantly unexpected. Knowly that we are return guests, he placed us in room 307 (Cliff View Villa), an extremely private villa tucked away with plenty of privacy. He did a marvelous job not only in maintaining the excellent service standard, but brought it to a whole new level. When he learnt about our desire to visit the BeachClub at Kamala Beach, he personally drove us there, and even gave us his personal VIP card so we could use it at the Cafe Del Mar. 
Last but not least, a resident dog, "Jack the Russell", greated us daily and played with hotel guests, bringing endless joy and fun to everyone. A wonderful initiative and a sweet addition to the ever hospitable staff. 
I highly recommend anyone who truly wants a "heaven on earth" experience to visit Peresa, and remember to ask for Dawid! He will take care of all your needs.

“wonderful resort”
Bernard R
This is a resort that is very special. We came here last year and enjoyed it so much that we returned the following year. 
The resort is located on a steep cliff with amazing views of the Andaman Sea about 45 minutes from the Phuket airport. On our arrival at the airport we were met by a cheerful driver in a modern van and driven to the resort. On our arrival we were greeted with cool towels and a drinks at the spare but sophisticated entry hall.
We were escorted down a flight of stairs to a ceremonial gong where we announced our arrival in Heaven of all Heavens. The staff, called angels, could not be more helpful and friendly. Next we were taken to a spectacular place, with a floor of gold tiles and an beautiful lawn with a view of Andaman sea. Then down in a brief elevator ride to a buggy (a modified golf cart) for the trip to our villa. The resort is built on a steep cliff and although one can walk to the villas the buggy is comfortable for most of us who are not young and athletic.
The villa with its unobstructed view of the sea has a private infinity pool and a large deck that has a lounge, refrigerator for cold drinks and wine. The villa had an enormous room, with adjacent bath room with double sinks, huge tub and closets, and glass enclosed shower. This villa also had a private outside shower and toilet.
This was a beautiful room that was spotlessly clean. There is a good telephone and working wi-fi, television and vcr..
The restaurant is located on a large deck overlooking the sea. A terrific breakfast is
included with all kinds of cuisine. The staff is very friendly and anxious to make the
dining experience a good one.
We made arrangements to see some the sights of Phuket through the excellent services of the Adventure Boys who can recommend excursions. The guides were excellent and the trips were memorable.
If you haven't met Dawid, the general manager, ask to meet him. He is a charming
super-competent man who takes pride in the hotel and will make every effort to make your stay memorable.
The cuisine in the dining room offers excellent Thai food as well as western specialties.

“A wonderful view, stylish rooms”
San Francisco, California
If you are looking for a dose of tranquility with good book, on a wide open verandah facing an unobstructed view of the ocean, then Paresa is your place. 
With a streamlined aesthetic with wooden floors and comfortable couches and tables, Paresa's dining room is a focal point and highlight of the resort. With excellent food and coffee to boot. 
We booked an ocean pool room which was fantastic. With an outdoor verandah and an infinity pool the room also is well appointed for the international traveler (read multi country sockets). 
Perhaps the one downfall is a low level of chaos between the bellman and the front desk. Oh and there is a rollercoaster of a descent when you catch the buggy "down the hill". 
Last note - the spa service was great. 

July 2017

“A wonderful stay!”
Singapore, Singapore
Very pleasant and courteous staff, the moment we step into the resort.
We were met by the Front Office Manager, Dear, who without any doubt, tries everything within her means to make our stay comfortable and pleasant. Though, initially, we booked our stay for a Spa Pool Villa, there were a few small hiccups, but we were subsequently upgraded to the Grand Residence.. very lovely and very peaceful.
Dawid, the general manager, makes it a point to greet every visitor at the restaurant, making everyone feel very welcome. Dawid, managed to catch up with us almost every day of our stay, and we were delighted to have very pleasant exchanges.
All in all, we loved our stay, and wished we could have stayed longer.
Maybe next time, Dawid, can make a longer stay more tempting.. lol
Highly recommended for all couples who needs a peaceful and relaxing getaway.
And thank you to the management and staff at Paresa for making our stay a memorable one.

June 2017

“Awesome Paresa ”
Singapore, Singapore
Stayed 5 nites at Paresa after doing some research at TripAdvisor. Writing this review while stilling staying at this heavenly resort.
Location of the resort is far from the madding crowd & it provides peace of mind if you are looking for a quiet location. 
Check-in is fast & they take good care of yr check in by accompanying you to the room & explains to you the room features & hotel service.
Room is good size & view of the ocean is WOW. Beautiful & awesome. Not just the room, restaurant & spa has fantastic view of the ocean.
Staffs always service with a smile & friendly. One of the front office staff can't remember her name but she is from Korea. She is very service oriented & helpful in helping me to arrange my transactions. Good job
Dinning is yummy & well done for both Thai & Italian meal.
2 areas which I hope they can look into it & improve.
1.Breakfast spreads is quite limited & guests have limited selection. For guests who are staying longer, I am sure they will get bored with it. Small selection of breakfast should be ideal.
2.Villa which I stay 261 I am not sure where the smell is coming from. It's so bad towards the evening just outside the main door. Frankly I had to hold my breath whenever I am returning to the villa or open the door to alllow them to serve my in room dining. Could be smell from the drain, I am not sure.
Otherwise we have a wonderful holidays at Paresa. Very happy that I had made the right choice.

“Great Stay for a Family of 4”
Singapore, Singapore
I took the 2 bedroom villa. First off, the service here has been the best I have ever experienced in all my many stays at Phuket. The aircon in the main room was faulty and bidet hose leaked but were quickly addressed within the first day of stay. The villa was generally clean and fittings in good condition but the outside area could be better as it was dusty. My housekeeper Song was prompt and helpful. You need transport from the villa to the main lobby and restaurant and the response time from call to buggy arrival was very prompt. The staff all spoke good English in general and made communication easy. Everyone was friendly. Food at the restaurant was not cheap but your usual typical resort pricing. Quality was breakfast was good with a mix of buffet offers and menu choices. Once again service was quick and more importantly, friendly. In all, a very good stay, great views of the Andaman Sea from the cliffside and worth every penny!

“Relaxing and Breathtaking”
Debbie F
Charleston, South Carolina
We rented a whole villa for two nights. Each level has an infinity pool with breathtaking views. The hotel is perched high on a cliff and overlooks the ocean. The sunsets each night are gorgeous. The staff are superb and go out of their way to make you feel at home and meet your every need. The breakfast at the on site restaurant is delicious and has much variety to offer. Fresh fruit juices that are out of this world. The mango and watermelon juices were excellent. Highly recommend staying here.

May 2017

“Heaven of all heavens”
Katrina H
My husband and I came to Paresa for our honeymoon and stayed 10 nights. I knew before we came due to the reviews and photos that it would be amazing but that did not even come close to just how amazing it is. The staff are beautiful souls who go out of their way for you in a manner that is unobtrusive and organic. They also have a great sense of humour. We loved them all but had a particular fondness for Bao in the restaurant, Wahn and Kie in the spa and Vanisa at reception. 
Jordi the chef is not only a brilliant chef but such a wonderful person. After chatting to us many times he discovered our love of fishing and last night came to our table with a present of fishing gear for us to try at home. I have stayed at some amazing places in the world and have NEVER had someone do something so personal and thoughtful. 
Dawid the GM is like my male twin, I felt such a connection and fondness for him and his exceptional style of dealing with people makes me want to come back much sooner than I had planned. Making guests feel special and important without being over the top is a skill, and one Dawid has down to a fine art. 
The accommodation itself is AMAZING with breathtaking views. Housekeeping is flawless also. They anticipate your every need. 
The golf buggy's make getting around the resort super easy which is much appreciated as being on a cliff it is rather steep. It certainly can be walked as we have many times. For those worrying you need not as the buggy makes it easy. 
We ate at the restaurant many many times and the food is FABULOUS and that is saying something given we are foodies and have dined at some of the world's best restaurants. I highly recommend the suckling pig and I had a particular liking for the dishes from the Thai menu. There is also a European menu however I felt I wanted to experience more Thai flavors given we are in Thailand. 
The cooking school with the market tour was a real treat and I'm so glad we did it. They were kind enough to tailor the menu for dishes we loved and wanted to learn to make. Kwang our chef made it a great day and a experience not to forget. Can't wait to get back home and put into action what we learnt. 
Thank you Paresa, Dawid and the wonderful team for making our honeymoon a trip we will never forget anytime soon. 
Today is our last day sadly. Normally I write reviews once I'm home but felt the need to express how wonderful it was sooner rather than later. 
See you soon Paresa xxx
lauren m
Sunderland, United Kingdom
Booked this place for 1 extra night we had between Phuket and Bangkok flights. Boy do we wish we had longer! This place is an absolute dream and all of the staff went above and beyond and really did make it amazing. It was lovely of Dawid to come and chat to us while we waited, he told us a bit about the hotel and himself and you don't get that anywhere else! Although a big place you get the sense that Dawid and the team work hard to keep it as personal as it is and the guys there feel like a small family to you. There was a wedding on the day we arrived and I was glad to actually see what they are like in person rather than on the photos. We were escorted down the stairs to carry out a little tradition before walking through the big double doors. As she opened the door she said to us welcome to paradise! literally was amazed! it truly was some sort of paradise! Anyone thinking of getting married there I you wouldn't regret it it looked unbelievable. Our suite was just out of this world, we stayed in the spa suite unfortunately due to illness I had to cancel our massage and spent most of the night sleeping but cant think of a better place to have began recovering. Our bed was like a cloud! You need to stay here it is worth every single last penny! Thank you so much to the team at the Paresa you really did make it great!
“The heaven of all heavens!”
London, England
My partner and I spent four days here in April and were simply seduced by its laid back, charming luxury. Attention to detail is all encompassing, but in a manner that never feels overly formal. Staff are so friendly, they can't do enough for you, and the accommodation is just superb. We were lucky enough to be staying in a villa at the very top of the resort, with unparalleled views from our terrace, and stunning sunsets. The food is exquisite, and chef Jordi incredibly skilled. It was a little piece of paradise for a few days and i wish we could have stayed longer!
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Paresa does not only mean "heaven of all heavens", IT IS HEAVEN! We are here for the 2nd time in 7 month and it's even better than the fantastic last time! Just sit here in our Cliff pool Villa (thank you Dawid!) and enjoy the most amazing view I've ever had, listen to the waves breaking at the cliffs below and have a swim if it's getting to warm there is really nothing to complain about... the angels (staff) taking so good care of us, everybody has a smile on their face, we feel pampered in every way! The Spa is great, had my first 6 hand massage yesterday, you need to try!!! It's like flying away on cloud no. 9. Not to forget GM Dawid, he is the soul of Paresa. You can see and feel that he's taking care of his staff! 
From the moment you arrive at the airport and picked up by Paresa shuttle you can just lean back, relax and enjoy your holiday! 
We will be back! For sure.
“Great stay ”
Sam S
Owesome stay. I come with drive. When first reach, i been served with welcome drink. Staff here are very kind and helpful, they introduce and bring me walk around the hotel facility. The view from our room is amazing. Love to stay here. Breakfast is great. Highly recommend.
“Amazing Honeymoon stay”
John A
We researched a lot of places before selecting Paresa and chose this because of the peaceful looking surroundings and elegant but comfortable rooms and common areas. Plus the fact that every room has an amazing view of the Andaman Sea and sunset helped make the decision. Upon our arrival and with the pickup at the airport (with cold hand towel, beer, and water), nothing disappointed us about this place. 
We did a combination of relaxing honeymoon but with some activities thrown in, which the concierge was very helpful in setting up and recommending a few things. The historic downtown Phuket tour was very interesting as was the hike to the falls and bamboo raft float. The beaches and snorkel day trip was also great. The spa at the resort was awesome but i would try to plan more time at the spa and relaxing at the pool. the day trip fishing with a local on the traditional fishing boat, and then having Paresa prepare a great meal from our catch - that was just awesome. We booked the poolside dinner that night and had one of the most romantic nights eating our catch! So nice! The food was amazing - every breakfast we tried something different but the dumplings and thai style omelette was our favorite. With things pretty spread out across the island I would recommend planning a mix of days - some with activity, some just chilling and doing spa/pool stuff. The setting is nestled in the cliff with the trees, birds and great sea view - so just spending time by your villa pool or the larger pool is highly recommended.
“Incredible Honeymoon Location!”
Lima, Peru
My husband and I had almost 2 weeks in Thailand, and Paresa was the "splurge" portion of our trip. Although Phuket was not high on my list of locations due to the high number of tourists and how crowded it tends to be, my cousin urged us to go after they experienced Paresa for their honeymoon in April 2016. 
First off, the service is top-notch. Everyone always has a smile on their face, and they made check-in very enjoyable. The lobby is very simple, and there a no views to the outside so that there is a surprise element when you finally enter through to "heaven". We were greeted with cold clothes and a cold beverage while we checked in, which was easy & painless. We arrived early, around noon, and our room wasn't ready so we got a tour of the rest of the hotel, and cooled off in the library and pool before being shown to our room. I loved the library, and how they had many books to select from! The pool wasn't crowded at all, only a few others enjoying the relaxing view. 
Our Cliff View Villa was beyond incredible. Amazing views from every room, private infinity pool with a lounge bed with mosquito cover, 2 bathrooms (inside/out), 2 showers (inside/out) and an amazing tub with a view of the ocean. They also did a special welcome for our honeymoon on the bed, gave us a complimentary basket of snacks, and a bottle of wine to enjoy from the GM. As both my husband and I work(ed) in hospitality - we really enjoyed this special touch! 
Breakfast was also great - wonderful selection of both western and Asian inspired items (I love the dim sum) as well as champagne included with coffee beverages. We also received complimentary neck/head massages during breakfast as well. 
Although we did not book any tours through the hotel (we only went to Kata beach on our own one day, the rest of the time we just enjoyed our suite), the staff was very helpful helping us make reservations and arranging any rides that were needed. Even as we left, the staff came outside to wish us a safe departure! 
I really hope we can return again soon! Thank you again Paresa for making our honeymoon an amazing experience!

April 2017

“Immaculate, simply breathtaking!”
Murray, Utah
We stayed in the spa suite room 124, our room was absolutely stunning! We were in 'aw' as we walked into our room. I loved the layout of the bathroom being outside. The tub was amazing, it was lovely being able to over see the beautiful ocean while taking a relaxing bath :). I can honestly say the best part of staying here was interacting with the amazing staff, they always had a sweet smile on there face as well as always happy to help if we needed assistance. Dawid the general manager, was so accommodating and helpful, he made some great suggestions to insure we have a great experience in Thailand. Our last day staying at the resort Dawid made the special trip over to our table to say goodbye, things like go a long way. Upon our checkout, we scheduled the resort car to take us to Krabi. I believe our drivers name was Udi? Anyhow, I can't say enough good things about that man. He is also one of the drivers for the buggies they had available. I never saw him without a big smile on his face, he is always giggling, it's cute! The car trip to Krabi was about 2 hours, we had some rain come down. He insured we got to our destination safely. Im still here in Thailand, I honestly I can't say any of or remaining resorts will top this one. Thank you again Dawid and staff for making our trip memorable and one we will never forget!

“Oh What A Night (in the Heaven of all Heavens)”
Jerry Y
Beijing, China
How does a mortal review two days on Olympus? Human languages fail to describe the experience that is Paresa. I did make a promise though so will give it a shot.
Imagine drinks during sunset strolling down the beaches of Elysium, a private feast for two in the candle-lit halls of Valhalla, a lavish serving of ambrosia in a pool of stars hidden amongst the cliffs of Shangri-La, and all this before retreating for a night of the most tranquil slumber in your very own Camelot. We woke up and found ourselves in the Garden of Eden. The room was majestic, the view was divine, the hospitality was heavenly, and we were the only two people in the world. 
TripAdvisor is the forbidden fruit and this time a golden apple. It is a dangerous game to judge the fairest between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, but I can very well see Paresa being responsible for the demise of a thousand yachts. I will say that our experience would have been impossible without the unrivalled preparation, flexibility and attention to detail demonstrated by the entire Paresa team.
Thank you all and thank you Dawid - you are truly Atlas with heaven on your shoulders.

“Beautiful hotel, best service ever”
Hong Kong, China
We can't describe with words how our experience is being. The room is amazing, the infinite pool brings you to heaven, the restaurant is delicious and Jordi, the chef, will make sure that you are satisfied with the food (order the suckling pig, you won't regret!)
Apart from that, the service is great. All the staff is making sure that our honeymoon will be unforgettable. We arrived a few hours before the check in time, and not only they helped us to enter in our room earlier, but they offered us a free upgrade to the wonderful Ocean Pool Villa, but before that we could enjoy a complimentary breakfast!
We are leaving tomorrow at midnight and we were just told that our room needs to be occupied by the next guests, BUT we can move to another room until our departure to the airport. 
Thank you Paresa and all the staff, we will come back!

March 2017

“Wedding at Paresa”
Sydney, Australia
We had an amazing wedding at Paresa Resort.Our wedding planner Yui coordinated everything from make up artist to photographer to the flowers to wedding cake to DJ, even the fire dancers and everything. It made the day stress free! All our guests had an awesome time. The wedding day turned out as we have hoped. 
The resort is a great place to relax and enjoy peace and serenity. It is a perfect place for honeymoon. It is a nice change from the bustling crowd of Patong. Every room has a private infinity pool. The room is very spacious.The 1 hour couple massage as part of the Wedding package was fantastic!
The only negative feedback was that the restaurant wait staff were not attentive and need further training in customer service. We found this during both the wedding reception and normal opening hours.

“We miss this place already!”
Tara D
New York City, New York
Paresa was the first of 2 resorts we stayed at while honeymooning in Phuket, and we couldn't be more pleased and impressed with everything! From the time we were met at the airport to our final goodbyes, the service and staff were top notch! Upon check-in, we were surprised with a room upgrade, and walked into a beautiful, decorated, and clean room that went on for days! 
While it a bit of ways away from the towns and hustle and bustle, the hotel shuttle service makes it really easy to get to the crowds if you want to.
We highly recommend staying here and can't wait to come back!

“Heaven on Earth”
Perched on the seaside slopes, set within lush tropical forests overlooking the azure blue waters of the Andaman Sea, Paresa is Phuket’s best kept secret. Paresa means heavens of all heavens in Sanskrit. The luxury resort is located along Phuket’s most spectacular coastline of Kamala Beach.
Don’t be fooled by the nondescript reception area – consisting of just one reception table for three staff and two ponds with water lilies. Once checked in, you will be escorted by the resort staff, who are known as angels, to a door that is the gateway to the rooms. Once opened you will immediately be greeted by a picturesque panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. From thereon, it’s an oasis of peace and tranquillity.
All the good things you have read or pictures you have seen about the resort the resort is true. The staff are all genuinely friendly and courteous and everywhere you go it is clean and well-maintained. My favourite areas are the library and Talung Restaurant, it’s signature restaurant. The library is surrounded by trees and boasts a good collection of coffee table books. The view from Talung Restaurant is breathtaking and to have that view every morning while you are having your breakfast is priceless.
If I dig hard enough to find flaws with Paresa, it has to be its shuttle services to nearby Kamala and Patong. Guests need to pay for these services whereas other resorts I had been to; these services are complimentary.

“This place ain't called Paresa Heaven of All Heavens for nothing ”
Shanghai, China
Paresa Resort well and truly lives up to its name of Heaven of All Heavens. This place is superb on all levels. The entry is quite understated compared to many other resorts in the area but then I think that sums up the resort in one. The service is truly exceptional without being in your face and the villa I stayed in was simply divine. I loved my private infinity pool with views of the ocean and not to mention having an indoor and outdoor toilet and shower facing the ocean. The resort well and truly makes the most of the stunning views it offers guests. 
The food was first rate and the spa was also great. I highly recommend having a massage whilst laying on a sun lounge overlooking the main infinity pool. 
Paresa Resort is truly an experience you'll remember.

“Wonderful Hotel”
Chanakarn D
I have to say thank you for all staffs in this hotel because I have nice room , nice view and great service.
I love gym because I can see ocean during my exercise.The breakfast and the cocktail at pool bar are wonderful as well. 
The staffs are polite and helpful.
During check in , staff explain all details very clear.
The room was prepared with nice decoration on the bed , Thank you K Nueng and housekeeping team for nice arrangement.
Hope to stay in this hotel again

“Perfection! It's real heaven!”
Juan B
Geneva, Switzerland
We spent at Paresa Resort Phuket the last few days of our honeymoon in Thailand. And for sure, I will fall short in words to describe the amazing experience we had at this hotel. Now, we regret not having spent the whole honeymoon with them and for sure we will come back. 
This people know how to run a hotel and provide real service, taking care of you and every single detail. The whole concept of being in the heaven of heaven surrounded by “angels” couldn’t be more accurate. 
At the arrival we were received and greeted by its general manager Dawid and his deputy Patama, who couldn’t be nicer. While preparing the room we headed to the restaurant where we had one the best, if not the best “tapas” we have ever had. We had them almost every day at Paresa. This is a must while staying there, as well as enjoying one of the best, if not best sunsets in Phuket.
Dawid and his team made “our moment” very special, not only by offernig us an upgrade to a lovely villa but also by taking care of us, assisting us in arranging tours, sending us a bottle of wine to celebrate, etc, etc. 
Please, while staying at Paresa do not miss the spa and go for a 3, 4 or 5 hour package. You can split them in various sessions. There is nothing better than a good massage after the pool, the beach or a tour. 
A top hotel! Many thanks!

February 2017

"Beautiful sceneries”
Hong Kong, China
We stayed at the spa pool villa with a beautiful private infinity pool and a big island hot tub in the middle of the pool. There is also a steam room and two massage beds within the room's outdoor area. 
The toilet and the shower room are also outdoor. The room is perfect during day time before the sun goes down. 
At night, there are mosquitoes and geckos in the outdoor area. The hotel provides mosquitoes incense, if you light them at night, those mosquitoes and geckos will go away. There was one frog in the toilet area on our first night, but the staff came by quickly and got rid of it. 
The hotel is up on the hill so the only way to travel is by the hotel shuttle and by taxi. Taxis to/from Kamala beach is around 400 baht, and to/from patong is around 700 baht. 
The staff was very friendly and very helpful. 
The view was unbeatable (esp the sunset in the private pool). We had an amazing stay in Paresa.
"Romantic getaway with beautiful views”
Julie G
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at this hotel and it was Amazing!!! The hotel is nestled in the cliffs with spectacular views of the sea. The hotel staff made a special effort to put kissing swans made of folded towels, surrounded by rose petals and greenery on the bed and rose petals in the awaiting tub. We took advantage of the room with the private infinity pool overlooking the sea and the always fully stocked mini bar as well as the outdoor shower. It was lovely. We took advantage of the tours and the tour guides Patrick and Rong were amazing and made us feel as if we were friends. However, I did feel that when we went to inquire about the excursions, the woman in the library appeared uninterested and detached. She did not go out of her way to explain the excursions as we had to prompt questions. She would respond with brief answers in between looking at her computer. It appeared as if she did not know too much about it or she wasn't really happy doing that particular job. Overall the stay was amazing and we would recommend it to our friends and especially people who are celebrating either an anniversary or a honeymoon.
"Ocean Retreat”
Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom
Arrived on the 11th February and the welcome was very warm and the attention to detail was very impressive, we were even asked what fragrance of soaps we would like in our suite.
The suite exceeded our expectations with wonderful views over the Andaman sea. The quality of the 
linens and towels was exceptional and consistent and nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff.
The spa was serene and exuded a calmness that was most welcome and all the treatments we experienced were just what our body's needed.
The welcome in the restaurant was always warm and the ethos of the whole resort maintained. The food was excellent and they even managed to provide soft boiled eggs for breakfast, something surprisingly difficult for most hotels. 
My thanks and congratulations to David Koegelenberg the General Manager and all his staff for making our visit truly memorable.
sue c
Let's just say I had to hold back my tears with the dramatic entrance to our resort! Upon arrival we were greeted with lemongrass tea and a cold washcloth that smelled of peppermint. It was so refreshing! After we checked in we rang the gong to announce our arrival to heaven. They opened the double doors and a breathtaking view was upon us! That's when I had to hold my tears back! Lol . The resort has very hilly paths. Golf cart took us to our villa . We had the ocean view villa. And it was perfect! We never used the golf cart only on departure. We walked the hills. Good exercise for all the food we ate. Our villa was very spacious, clean, and comfortable. The infinity pool was a nice size and perfect with the amazing views! We had breakfast every morning at the main restaurant. It was a good buffet with different food options and you could order off the menu. We tried different thing every day. We had dinner at the restaurant also, perfect food . Not one bad thing we have to complain about. We also booked a air, land and sea tour through the hotel. It was a private tour just the two of us and our guide. I can't remember his name but he was excellent! Spoke very good English and gave us great information on our trip. This was the most perfect tour we have ever taken! The food , views, and quality was worth the money! 
We also had drinks at happy hour at the main pool. We did not use the spa. Looked inviting. We used the shuttle to Kamila beach. And used taxis to go to Patong and Old town. You had to use transportation due to being on the top of the mountain. I would recommend and one day hope to come back. And there were some little children. I had no problems with the littles. But probably more for couples. Staff was amazing! Thank you for a memorable trip to Thailand!
"20th Anniversary at Paresa”
Ellicott City, Maryland
We had the Ocean Pool Suite and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay. Everything, staring from the location, highly professional staff, excellent service and great cuisine - maid our stay unforgettable. No request was to big to handle. Our special Thank You to general manager - Dawid Koegelenberg and Adventure Team members: Patrick and Ice. Our "Swim with elephants" adventure trip was mazing. Patrick and Ice were very knowledgeable and experienced tour guides that made our trip unforgettable. We hope to return next week with extended family/friends group!

January 2017

"Perfect for honeymoon”
Dennis K
We had the Ocean Pool Suite and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our stay. Every detail was covered from the moment we were picked up at the airport to the moment we were dropped off for departure. The staff was exceptionally friendly and genuinely cared about the quality of our stay. The food was delicious and even had a personal touch when the chef visited us to make sure we enjoyed it. We did the Land & Sea Cave Excursion and Catch Your Own Lunch trips and would highly recommend to anyone looking for adventure. The spa was absolutely incredible and a must if visiting Paresa. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the absolutely perfect setting of the resort. The rooms were private and the view was heavenly. I can't rave enough about our time in Phuket and absolutely recommend Paresa to anyone visiting.
"Wonderful resort”
Helsinki, Finland
Me and my husband stayed at Paresa 8 lovely nights in January. We had an ocean pool suite overlooking to the beautiful Andaman Sea. It had a spacious bedroom/livingroom area, big bathroom with his and hers sinks, nice bathtub with a view and both indoor and outdoor showers. The view from our room was stunning, I've never seen anything like that before!
Upon arrival, we got our suite immediately and a lovely "angel" (they call their staff angels) and a bell boy gave us a golf cart ride to there. (There are a lot of stairs and uphills in the resort area, so they provide a buggy service for their customers).
The hotel pool is often very quiet since everyone has their own pool in their villa. Some days we went sunbathing to the hotel pool and had lunch and some happy hour cocktails there. That's a good option if you want to see other people and enjoy the beautiful resort around you.
The spa is beautiful and provides a broad range of treatments. We had a couple of rainy days during our stay that we decided to spend at the spa. Not a bad decision!

Rod L
Beautiful villa hotel with amazing location and outlook. Perfectly accessible from Kamala main road but isolated enough to be very secluded and private. Very wide menu and the restaurant is very good with Italian and Thai dishes. Great breakfasts and manager David is on top of his team and everywhere all the time.
The pick is the Grand Villa - 600 ft with a massive terrace, private and a huge living room with a full kitchen that you will not need - the hotel restaurant is that good. Combine this with the two bedroom suite downstairs and you have a 3 bedroom "home" with two pools!!! A bargain at comparative rates in Phuket.

"Very peaceful for relaxing”
Houston, Texas
After a bustling week in Bangkok the Paresa was the perfect place to relax and chill. Beautiful hillside view, large bedroom and bath with private infinity pool, outdoor shower and patio! Friendly staff, wonderful food and best massage ever in the spa! Dawid was amazingly attentive and full of local information. It was a pleasure meeting him and Jack, (his dog, ha) and staying at his resort!
"Amazing Resort and Stay!”
Travis and Sara... H
We spent 5 days of our Honeymoon in December, 2016 at Paresa, which was the last of the 3 resorts we stayed at in Phuket.
Having just come from two of the Islands most highly regarded luxury resorts, our expectations for Paresa were very high and from the moment we arrived we were not disappointed. 
The staff were fantastic, engaging and welcoming (also spoke great English and had strong comprehension) and upon opening the doors the view was next level and completely blew us away, the pictures don't do it justice.
We had requested a pool villa that received a lot of sun, and were taken to what we felt was the best positioned villa on the cliff! We were also make to feel very special by the staff who acknowledged our honeymoon and constantly pulled out little touches and treats for us. Not sure if this happened for everyone, but we thought it was great!
The Villa was spacious, modern and clean, the Bathroom was amazing, as was the outdoor shower. The pool was a great size, the view was phenomenal as was the outdoor area.
The staff had booked us an outdoor, ocean view table at Diavolo for our first evening meal and it was fantastic. Living in Melbourne we are accustomed to eating at some of the finest restaurants in the world, and Diavolo was up there. Service and food were fantastic. The Kamala area has some great eating options but we choose to eat in the resort restaurant every evening due to the diversity that the menu offered. 
Cocktail hour was from 4pm - 7pm everyday which we took advantage off, this could be at the restaurant, your villa or down by the pool.
It was one of the first places that by day 2 we knew most of the staff names and they knew us!
We are a very active couple, so took advantage of the gym which had beautiful views, and the resort being somewhat of an architectural feat meant for lots of stairs and hill walking (which we love!), but the Buggys were on hand wherever needed for guests. 
Paresa is everything it says it is and more, it a luxury resort where we felt relaxed and refreshed. We will be back. We would like to thank Dawid and his team for a wonderful stay.

"Beautiful hilltop location makes this a spectacular resort”
Everything worked from the beginning. We were met the airport on schedule and taken directly to the resort. The check in was efficient and the staff very friendly. The assistant to the GM was there to greet us and provide us with all the information we needed. We were there with our son and daughter-in-law and our suites, 112 and 113 while not adjoining, shared a large infinity pool which was fabulous. We had out privacy but could get together on either one of our terraces for a drink or a dip in the pool.
The rooms were spacious and the bathroom terrific. And the views are spectacular.
We were on the same level as the restaurant which was extremely convenient. It is one of the most highly rated restaurants in Phuket and we enjoyed several meals there. Breakfast was outstanding.
We were fortunate to be there for New Year's Eve and attended the party. It was fantastic. One of the best New Year's parties we have ever attended. Great buffet, and one of the best D.J.'s ever. We danced throughout the evening and celebrated the arrival of 2017 with new friends, the staff and the GM. What a treat.
We definitely recommend this resort and will go back again.

December 2016

"“An amazing welcome”"
We spent two nights at the Paresa during our time on Phuket and it certainly was one of the highlights of the holiday. We were given a lovely room with its own private pool which was a real treat. The hospitality from the moment you arrive is second to none and the food in the restaurant was very good. We didn't use the spa services as the cost seemed way to high compared to other places we stayed during the trip. There is a regular shuttle service both down to the local beach and also to Patong. Overall it was amazing two days.
The only downside of the property is the cost - it seems a bit to expensive when compared to some other 5 star properties. That said if the budget had allowed it would have probably stayed longer!
"A Breathtaking Experience"
Amy G
I cannot thank the hiring staff for the incredible individuals that made our trip! You feel immediately at piece when you enter Paresa, and the hosts make sure to go through and talk about the details that went into the building of Paresa (Heaven) It is truly Heaven! We stayed for our Honeymoon and could not have picked a better place - you literally feel like you are on your own secluded island but only a 10 minute ride into town. We stayed in the Spa Room and the wrap around pool, complementary massages, and view was absolutely breathtaking. We also did the Elephant and Little Amazon Tour which absolutely made our trip - it is a must do - especially if you have the two tour guides we had!! i cannot wait for the photos!! We cannot wait to come back and relive this heavenly experience again at Paresa!!

"Relaxation, beauty and excellent service!"
Mayur S
We visited Paresa in search of a much needed romantic break for 10 days, which is certainly what this boutique resort lives up to. 
Upon arrival in Phuket, we were promptly chauffeured to the hotel in comfort with food and drinks in the vehicle. Upon arrival at the secluded resort, we were greeted by friendly faces in their rather unassuming minimalistic foyer before being presented with a mesmerizing view that delivers the breathtaking ocean. You can't help but be taken away by this surprise which is revealed as the doors open.
Whilst our rooms were being prepped we were taken for a complimentary massage, a nice touch given the long flight to Thailand. Shortly afterwards we were shown to our room, we opted for the Ocean View villa was nothing short of spectacular. The rooms are spacious, well thought out and have all the amenities you would need for a luxurious stay. The private pool in the villa was ideally positioned for amazing views of the ocean and perfect for taking in sunrise or sunset. 
The service overall at the resort was amazing, you are certainly given the sense that the staff care about your stay. We were always greeted with smiling faces and nothing seemed difficult to arrange. 
The hotel arranges day excursions which I recommend as a must do. We opted for the island day tour and a snorkeling adventure. Patrick and Ront, our guides were well informed, spoke fluent English and continued the luxury experience of Paresa thought the day. Even the slight detours we had requested were arranged with smiles. Overall the tours deliver great adventures and I highly recommend the hotel continues to build on the amazing excursions currently being delivered. 
The food at the hotels restaurants, Diavolo and Talung Thai was delicious. We highly recommend the new tapas and wine paring menu, absolutely delicious with an amazing sunset view from the deck. We requested room service on the days we were lazying around the suite, both service and consistency with food delivered were on par with the restaurants which was impressive. On one occasion Even when the hotel made a mistake with our order, they promptly had it rectified in 15 minutes.
The spa certainly added to making the experience at Paresa special. The treatments, masseuses and views from the spa made it the ideal space to unwind for a few hours. Highly recommended and the resort has some great packages.
The pool and pool bar is nothing short of amazing and breathtaking, we spent lots of time listening to well selected playlists and sipping amazing cocktails with a view to die for! Highly recommend before 3pm as the sun get really hot!
To conclude, we would just like to thank Dawid, for delivering an overall amazing experience and making it extra special for us after we got engaged at the resort. It was the small personalized touches your team delivered that make for a memorable and exquisite experience. 
We were told that Paresa translates into Heaven of Heavens, our experience at the resort was nothing short of heavenly and we were truly at play in the fields of the gods. 
Ann and I are certainly looking forward to a return visit in future.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I had a superb relaxing and joyous trip throughout my stay in Paresa. Staffs were very friendly and attentive. The view was fascinating, it was truly heaven on earth! I loved the food served, the room was spacious with a private pool!
"Beautiful and relaxing, heaven on earth"
Bordentown, New Jersey
My husband and I stayed at Paresa for a vacation in November 2016. The hotel staff greets you at the airport and drives you to the resort for an easy transfer (a little over an hour). The hotel design is stark but beautiful. Check-in is quick and easy and we were brought to our room immediately. There were a few hiccups with the first room we got, but it was sorted out quickly and professionally and we were moved to another room. The standard ocean view rooms are spectacular but I can tell that location can be important; another reviewer mentioned that there's one room whose pool is directly above the main pool area and therefore lacks privacy. There are a lot of stairs and steep walkways here but if mobility is a problem, there are always buggies that can be used to drive you about; the staff are particularly helpful with that.
The rooms are beautiful, large, and quiet, with quite an elaborate lighting system! The decks are large with a separate seating area with 2 sun loungers and a plunge pool. I must say that the plunge pool is quite large and deep. We never actually made to the main pool although it looked lovely, and we never saw anyone else there either! Our last day at the resort we were lazy and hung around the room, went in the pool, and ordered room service. This truly is the only hotel room I've ever stayed in that I could honestly say that I've been completely content to stay in and around the room rather than venture out! 
There is 1 restaurant with 2 menus: Thai and Italian. Either way you go, you can't really go wrong, the food is very well prepared. Breakfast is served as a combination buffet (complimentary) and made-to-order (for a fee). There is a wide variety of Western, European, and Thai/Asian items from which to choose. There's a banana/lemon curd that's particularly good! 
The hotel arranges several excursions and activities that you should definitely check out. We did the elephant excursion with Patrick and Fan (I think that was the other guide's name :( This was so well thought-out and prepared, and we had a wonderful time. It was about an hour away to visit a turtle conservation and research facility first, then off to see the elephants, then a short hike to a waterfall, followed a longboat trip up-river to lunch in a local restaurant. It was a full day but we never felt rushed. The guides were very knowledgeable about what we were doing and about Phuket in general. What was most special, however, was that they were nice guys! They were pleasant, helpful, funny, and they genuinely seemed to like each other, what they were doing, so that it felt like we were spending a fun day out with a couple of buddies. That's pretty amazing and kind of priceless. We had a really great time with them, it's something we won't soon forget! 
The hotel offers shuttle service to Patong and Kamala beach. We spent a few hours during the day in Patong. It's a nice beach town with some decent shopping malls and what appears to be a very lively bar scene. We didn't go at night, but I imagine that the restaurants and bars become the place to be and be seen after hours. We spent the afternoon at Kamala beach. The hotel has an arrangement with a beach club wherein for a fee you can get the use of a couple of sun loungers and towels, and have lunch (all-included). It's a pretty good deal, and the beach club is really chic with good food and drinks, great music, and beach-side service.
All of the staff - and pretty much most Thai people we encountered - were very pleasant and very willing to engage and talk. The manager and assistant manger were always very visible, which is nice to see, and all the staff we had the pleasure of dealing with just seemed happy and proud to share their bit of Thailand (be it food, language, history, geography, whatever) with us. We were happy to be a part of it as well. 
If I ever find myself in this part of the world again, I would definitely stay at Paresa no doubt, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Paresa to anyone considering it. Don't hesitate, you won't regret it.
"Absolutely Amazing Stay"
Hong Kong, China
We spent 3 marvelous nights at Paresa in September, and would recommend this resort without any reservations. We rented at Spa room that had its own private pool, outdoor tub, and sauna. Daily massages were included in the privacy of your outdoor spa area and were amazing. One morning it was raining during our massages, and sounds and smells took the experience to a whole new level. So peaceful...something city spas can only try to replicate-- without success. The morning breakfast buffet was absolutely divine. It included champagne, fresh squeezed juices, customized coffee beverages, eggs/omelets to order and a wide, wide range of other delicacies. This resort was not cheap, but we felt it was well worth the price. Beautiful surrounding, beautiful people!

"Beauty, Serenity &"
London, United Kingdom
Paresa is very special...the atmosphere and energy of the place is superior to most hotels I've been too, enhanced by excellent staff who make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door.
The space is grand, perfectly maintained and has a divine respect for nature. The villa we had was very private with broad ocean views. The sunset was epic.
Everyone who works there is happy and welcoming. The room service menu is extensive and considered with a wonderful broad spectrum of international wines.
We wish we had stayed for longer and avoided the bad vibes and negative energy of Naka.
The only thing that's missing at Paresa is a beach but there are plenty nearby...

"Gorgeous views, food and service!"
Dallas, Texas
My husband and I stayed here for part of our honeymoon and we had a wonderful time-we wished we could have stayed longer. We stayed after two of our friends recommended this hotel. 
Room: Gorgeous, gorgeous view of the Andaman sea. Spacious, well decorated. We felt like we were the only ones in the resort aside from when we were dining. The views from the sundeck are incredible, particularly at sunset. 
Service: Always prompt and friendly. We especially appreciated the attention from the General Manager, Dawid. He gave us some very honest advice regarding tours in the area and is incredibly approachable. Loved the evening surprise snack waiting for us in our room every night. 
Food: Absolutely delicious. We ate at the Thai restaurant exclusively because it was so good, though they have a italian menu as well. 
Location: It is slightly remote, however only a 15 minute taxi drive to Patong Beach. 
Helpful tips: there is a shuttle service to the local beach and also a late shuttle into Patong. Would not let location deter you, as many of the tours will pick you up from your hotel. They have a library with books, DVDs, gym and spa. This is not a resort for children.

November 2016

"10/10 - Incredible!!"
Sam H
I recently stayed in the Cliff View suite at Paresa - it was undoubtedly one of the most amazing room views I have ever had. The service was exceptional, and the staff always ensured we had everything we needed (and more!). The food at the restaurant is world class, and the spa was equally as enjoyable. I would recommend Paresa to all friends and family interested in visiting Phuket. 
In addition - we stayed at the Westin on the other side of Phuket after staying at Paresa to explore the other side of the island. It paled in comparison on a number of levels (overpriced food and spa, inconvenient room location, lack of privacy). 
Overall, if you're looking for a world class luxury experience in Phuket, stay at Paresa.

Michelle S
This hotel is beautiful. Every room is unique and built into a cliff side. The architecture is breathtaking. The infinity pool gets sun from 11:00-sunset. You can watch the sunset from almost any spot! 
The food was delicious and reasonably priced. Expensive for Thailand but Phuket is known to be more expensive. The happy hours run during the day and at night which is great!
We had a power outage in our room so they quickly upgraded us and changed our room. 
My only complaint would be around be language barrier, some of the staff struggled with their English.

"Paresa restaurant"
From Phuket, Thailand
We have come to Kamala for 8 years now. 
Know the region quite well. Explored every restaurant. 
Talung Thai restaurant inside the Paresa hotel, is one of our favorites. 
Every year we visit this restaurant once or twice. 
Always a highlight. 
This year even more. 
If you like fine Thai food, I mean really fine, on a easy, luxury, quiet place, with the sound of the sea below, and with excellent service, don't hesitate. 
It has it all.

"Enjoy my stay tremendously !!"
Noppaporn N
From Bangkok, Thailand
It was a very relaxing weekends I spent at Paresa! Service is excellent, not to mention great food (especially Asian food is authentic and tasty real home cook!) 
The view on the cliff villa is awesome!! One of the breathtaking scenery that takes your breathe away !!
Already look forward to my next visit at Paresa !!
"Honeymoon Visit"
From Los Angeles, California
My husband and I spent our honeymoon at Paresa. As our first time to Thailand, the entire staff made us feel very welcome the moment we were greeted at the airport. Everyone was always friendly and very accommodating. We stayed in the spa cliffside villa with STUNNING views and in room spa treatments. Our package included a daily 45 min massage, which was consistently the most amazing massage ever (seriously THE BEST.) 
We greatly appreciated the details applied to our suite such as "honeymoon" petal decor and champagne upon arrival. All around, I give Paresa 5 stars for their attention to detail, service, facility and food. You can tell this is privately owned and they care about making their guests feel right at home. Highly recommend for couples!
"Absolutely Amazing!!! One of the best resorts"
John H
From Hong Kong, China
When I took the cap and arrived outside the hotel, I was a little skeptical about the quality. But then the staffs are really friendly. I was amazed by the lemon grass tea during the check in and the staff taught me how to make it!!!!
After the staff let me hit gong as a welcome sign and opened the door to my room, it's like opening the door to the paradise - an incredible view to the sea.
The room is amazing. Pool, view, room services are just perfect. Love their breakfast too! The chief recommended their homemade jam (mango and strawberry).
Will definitely come again!

From Singapore
I went there on my honeymoon trip from Oct 14 - Oct 16. After my booking, I called the hotel to book a shuttle from the airport and also mentioned to the "Angel" that it was my honeymoon. Upon checking in late at night, we were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to a Cliff Pool Villa. It was amazing. The bed was decorated with petals and the bathtub sprinkled with flowers - just made it an absolutely magical experience for the both of us. 
I would like to thank our Angel who fetched us from the airport, who went out of his way on his off day to purchase Thai delicacies for us. We were also personally greeted by Dawid the GM of the Hotel during breakfast giving us the personalised and heartwarming touch that we do not find in hotel chains. 
Bottom line, the both of us would like to say a Big Thank you to Dawid and his team for a truly exceptional time and for making our trip a truly unforgettable one. We will be back for sure! See you soon!

October 2016

"More than Fantastic"
Aya T
I was there for my honeymoon..we loved every single detail about this peace of heaven..people are so so so friendly and helpful..the view was unbelievalbe.. restaurant was delicious and had wide variety..we wish we could be there again and again .
"Stunning location, enhanced by this exceptional resort! "
London, United Kingdom
From the very arrival, to the moment of departure, Paresa strikes you as no ordinary run-of-the-mill resort.
The setting and scenery make the arrival dramatic and the welcome is both warm and sincere, with every attention given to ensuring you have a perfect stay.
All of the staff are incredible! I genuinely mean this, everyone we met took a real interest in us and in ensuring our experience was memorable. This high standard radiates from the exemplory example of the charming general manager, Dawid, who could not do enough for us and was full of tips and suggestions to enhance our visit.
The bedrooms are stunning! There is no other adequate description and had everything we needed for a very relaxed stay and more.
The restaurant is exceptional, with a wide choice of dishes, including local southern Thai dishes, which are a must to try. The food quality is perfect and the service could not be faulted.
Other highlights of our stay were the lovely pool terrace and the wide range of very high quality treatments offered in the iydillic and tranquil setting of the spa. 
For anyone who is concerned about not being immediately on the beach, our advice is simple: don't be! The modern and well-appointed beach club on Kamala Beach is well worth a visit and can easily be reached in a few minutes by the shuttle transfer. We visited both during the day and for a drink and a dance in the evening, when the atmosphere was fabulous!
However, our absolute highlight was the wonderful Thai cookery school, where we were able to create perfect, authentic Thai dishes in a very high quality setting, under the caring, encouraging and watchful eye of our chef. The fact we were given a recipe folder afterwards means we have already been able to recreate some of these dishes at home, and have taken away not just great memories, but a meaningful skill too.
We cannot praise this resort enough! It is a perfect getaway, whether for just a few days or a longer stay and its affordable luxury means one does not have to compromise to enjoy a very upmarket stay in this lovely part of Phuket.
"Exquisite! "
Martie S

We had a magical time at Paresa! From the majestic views to the exceptional food and great service, we felt pampered throughout our stay. The hotel staff accommodated our every request, while the adventure team went above and beyond to listen to our interests and expose us to authentic, local experiences. We would love to come back. Martie & Dean
"A couple's ideal hideaway"

Returned to Paresa for the 2nd time after the initial stay 2 years ago. The ambience remains as its villas are private and serene with great views of the sea and star gazing from your own front yard.
The food is above what most 5 star hotels serve for breakfast and better than most resorts we had been to.
It is also a great venue to get married.
"What a wonderful holiday"
Simon L

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for the service and care we received at Paresa from 15-17 Oct.

The Team made our holiday perfect and unforgettable. In particular, Staff in DIAVOLO restaurant, NATTY, was very helpful and deserve a great deal of praise for her excellent customer service, which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

Staying in Paresa actually enhanced our holiday experience.Hope to receive such environment and service always with your resort!

"Heaven of Heavens"

Upon arrival (after a very smooth and comfortable airport transfer arranged by Paresa), we were given a very nice welcome by Nam and the Team. We stayed at the Cliff Pool Villa which was nothing short of amazing with an almost 180 degree uninterrupted view of the beautiful Andaman Sea with waves crashing upon the rockface below. My wife and I had had a splendid time just enjoying the spacious villa and lounging by our private poolside. Due to the rain, we could not do very much but luckily we managed to have a full day with two very amazing guides - Ah Long & Alif who gave us a very memorable and insightful tour of Phuket! From the Wats to the special 9 Gods Festival where we had splendid vegetarian street food, and a very nice meal at Tunk-Ka Hilltop Cafe, the trip was one of the best day trips we ever had (mind you, we travel A LOT)! We would like to thank Team Paresa for their very kind, warm and sincere hospitality and we look forward to returning sometime early next year when the weather improves for a longer trip! Great job guys n gals and ขอขอบคุณ!

September 2016

"Stunning property"

We were totally WOWed by this property. From the minute we stepped out of our transfer to the short cart ride to our room we were surprised. The hotel itself and grounds are gorgeous. Our room (Spa Pool Suite) was a decent sized room but when you opened the door to the 'bathroom' it was actually a large pool with spa in the middle, shower and toilet and then your own private steam room. I have many pictures but none do it justice.

The staff were lovely and attentive and when we were checking out we overhead the general manager organising to take (in his own car) one of the guests on a private tour of some antique shops because the weather had been a little wet and the guests wanted to do something different.

"Incredible Thai Zen"

We resided in one of the Aqua Suites for 7 nights during early May 2016, enjoying the full dedication and attention of the Paresa Angels throughout our stay.

Beautiful views, incredible calm and delicious cuisine come as standard.. just add zen.

We look forwards to our next visit..!!!

"A resort which shows genuine interest in your needs"

My partner and i spent 2 unforgettable nights at Paresa. Other than the surreal tranquility you’ll be hard pressed to find in other Phuketian resorts in the area, Dawid (Paresa’s GM) and his team impressed us with their sincere hospitality and warmness throughout our stay. He and his team saw to it personally that every one of our creature comforts was met during our stay so much so that at times it almost felt like we were their only guests (rest assured we were not; we met many other guests at the dining hall). 

Most importantly, Dawid showed genuine interest in getting to know his guests’ needs and concerns, and on occasion even offered us solutions to concerns we had yet to even voice! During our stay, we visited other popular seaside resorts in the area (such as Kata Rocks) as well, but find Paresa’s quiet serenity unmatched. I highly recommend Paresa if you’re looking for an escape from city life, or simply just looking for some time alone with your loved ones.

"The proposal"

Dear Angels & GM David, would like to specially thank all of you, who made this such a memorable event, being so meticulous to each and every single detail, from the rose petals layout in the bath, to coordinating with my Fiancé on the layout of the villa... All I can say is that, as a returning customer, you guys made me feel really special on this lifetime event & I really thank all of you for this. Please do not hesitate to book their one bedroom villa, it's a room with a million dollars view. Wait till you see their bath! The Thann bubble bath was really enjoyable in the sea-view tub. 

The 30-min massage in the villa with masseuse Tan, was the best I've experienced so far. All in all, I'm definitely coming back for the villa. Paresa is my second home to-go in Phuket. 

Thank you all, would definitely be back soon!

Tomas N

The dining experince here is the best in Phuket in my opinion. Simply breathtaking views over the ocean and the food is fantastic. Great service and just a perfect place to go for sunset dinners in a very luxurious environment. Highly recommended.


We spent a few nights at this amazing resort at the end of 'Millionaires row' and while you don't have to be a millionaire to stay there you feel like one..

The rooms all have private pools and sea views, they are all very private but what makes it extra special are the 'Angels' more commonly known as staff..

I had an amazing Spa Treatment and we had 'Tapas' from the new chef and one night we had the 'Thai Set Menu' which couldn't have been improved on.

The wonderful GM Dawid greeted us and explained the concept of the resort and we left as friends which I am sure most of their guests do..

So a massive Thank You for making our last few nights holiday so special.

Yvonne & Ross..xx

Roger P
"Top notch service and view"

I've been to numerous resorts around the globe and I must say, my experience at Paresa Phuket far exceeded my expectations and we are already planning to return next summer! Extremely friendly staff, great food, breath taking view and very clean room! Can't ask for anything better!

August 2016

  • Roger P
    "Top notch service and view"

    I've been to numerous resorts around the globe and I must say, my experience at Paresa Phuket far exceeded my expectations and we are already planning to return next summer! Extremely friendly staff, great food, breath taking view and very clean room! Can't ask for anything better!

    • Kimmydk - Lemvig, Denmark
      "Heaven of all Heavens in Phuket"

      This Resort is as good as it gets. Super service minded staff and wonderful settings hillside on the westcost of Phuket. Located right on the Millionaire’s Mile of Kata beach. The resort offers superb suites and villas with amazing vistas of the Amdemann sea. Every suite/villa with own infineti pools and truly luxury amenities. And nice outdoor shower. This is one the best places for relaxing and unwinding. This is the heaven of all heavens, a real piece of paradise for the few. Go go go go if you can afford it.Stayed June 2016, traveled as a couple

    • Juan G
      “Heavenly experience”

      Phuket was more a pit stop in our grander honeymoon journey through Thailand than anything, but Paresa is so good that we both left wishing our 2,5 days stay had been a full week. 

      The hotel had a major challenge as we had a 36 hour flight to Colombia in our sight and needed to relax properly. Paresa simply excelled brilliantly in all fronts. 

      Our angel Ken was wonderful in showing us the entire premises, which we enjoyed to the fullest. Our room was a glorious suite with private pool overlooking the gorgeous Adaman sea. Beautifully decorated and totally comfortable, there was almost no incentive to even discover the rest of the hotel, if it wasn't for the fact that everything else lives up to the same high standard. 

      Each waiter was charming, specially Ba who took take of us during our wordless poolside private dinner. We had a great couple of conversations with chef Jordi, who we connected with easily thanks to our latin roots. The food is another chapter. We felt like a little tragedy had occurred every time we finished our courses.

      The Spa is world class. The honors and accreditations as the best in its category are well deserved. 

      Had a nice chat with the GM towards the end of our trip and as we both agreed in: "hotels at this level vary little in comfort and accommodations. Difference is made by customer service". They have understood that here, and that's a major thing on its own. 

      From a simple stop, Paresa has single managed to change our minds towards considering Phuket an end destination of one of our next trips through Asia.

    • CELKS
      “Secluded paradise”

      We stayed at Paresa for a week in August 2016. The place is as the name suggests - Heaven. We had a beautiful, spacious room with a private infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The chefs were also excellent - there's Thai and Spanish/italian food. The tapas menu was particularly good & the ceviche is a must. Chef Attasit took us to the local food market & taught us how to make delicious local cuisine. Overall a very relaxing week. We will definitely be back.

    • Tyson T

      We spent a brief time here as a couple. Loved the views and food! The staff/service were exceptional. Breakfast buffet is fresh, delicious, filling. We also took advantage of their SPA (awesome, though of course overpriced for Thailand) and the cooking class(highly recommend).

    • 281gins
      “We had our wedding here and it was amazing.”

      MWe worked with Ting and Yui (Paresa's on site wedding planners) for months via email prior to the big day. We were nervous to the say the least as we had about 30+ special requests. On the day of everything was perfect from the flowers, to music, to make up, after party and the next morning.... everything was perfect. Ting and Yui were always quick to respond to my emails and requests while we were staying there. I would highly recommend booking your wedding here.. not only will your friends and family say it's "the most beautiful wedding they've ever been to!" But Ting and Yui will make your wishes come true.

July 2016

  • ButterflyInks - From Singapore, Singapore
    “Memorable birthday celebration for the boyfriend”

    Paresa is an excellent resort for anyone to relax and indulge in the beautiful scenery. I booked the Cliff Pool Villa for a 3D2N stay, and I am overwhelmed by the service of all the staff. Everyone was polite, friendly and attentive. 

    The resort is beautifully designed (in a Zen way) with lots of trees, plants and flowers. It can be tedious for the elderly or anyone who is not able to climb a lot of stairs as it takes quite a bit of climbing to get to the higher level (restaurants and entrance of the resort). There are always buggy rides to get around within the resort anyway! 

    The cliff pool villa is spacious and beautiful. The bedroom, toilet and lounge (pool included)areas are really spacious. As the resort is built on/in a mountain, there are always dead bugs and leaves around the lounge area. Those are always gone by the next day! It was a thoughtful gesture to keep the areas clean. 

    The resort is in the Kamala region, which is pretty quiet compared to Patong. Hence, the bf and I rented an automatic motorcycle and toured around by ourselves. There are also free shuttle buses to the Kamala beach, but to Patong there is a minimum fee of 100+ THB if I remembered correctly. 

    I also booked the romantic poolside infinity dinner but it was raining the whole day. So we were moved to a private area instead, and the staff were attentive and kind to decorate the setup so romantically and nicely. Dinner was awesome, and the private waiter (Bao), manager (Mummy) were very friendly and interactive too. I spent about SGD$300 for 2 pax for a 5 course gourmet dinner. 

    Overall, it was such a wonderful experience that I had to leave a good review. It is expensive but it's worth it to wake up to the sea every morning! I cannot recommend enough if you are looking for a laid back and romantic place in Phuket. 2 thumbs up !

  • BEN L
    “Excellent resort!”

    We have spent four days in Paresa, and everything is great! 

    The sea-view, hotel room, service, food are excellent. 

    It is highly recommended.

    The resort is far away from the town, so i take 30 mins to town such as PaTong beach...It take around 1600 Baht for around trip taxi, so it is good to rent a car for few hours.

  • TheMiniMillionaire - from Wakefield
    “Luxury at it's best.”

    e stayed at the Paresa Resort for 2 nights during June 2016. 

    The entrance is very grand, almost temple-like. The check-in process was simple and easy, the staff were all so happy and polite, we were even asked what soap we’d like to for the sinks in our room – a really nice added touch. 

    Once we’d checked in we were able to ‘ring the gong’ to those who’ve never stayed here this will probably sound a little weird, but those who’ve stayed here will know exactly what I mean. Again, a great added touch which was actually really fun! The garden like terrace once you go through the doors after ringing the gong is like something from a movie or something. It’s so beautiful, all you can see is the sea for miles and miles! (we took plenty of great selfies up there!)

    Then we were taken to our room on one of the resorts many buggies (little golf-like trolleys) the gentleman who took us explained everything about our room and the services available. 

    The room itself was really spacious, you’ve got almost a living and sleeping area with the television being the divide in the room on a cabinet that allows for the TV to turn 180 degrees so you can watch it at either side. The bathroom is as big as the living & sleeping area with his and hers sinks and dressing area’s along with a huge shower and bathtub overlooking the pool and out to the amazing sea view. Then of course there’s your private pool… This was the first time we’d had a private pool and it was everything we’d hoped for and more. On our first night we was able to just swim, watching the sunset perfectly into the sea. 

    The resort itself is situated in-between two beaches one of them is the Patong beach the other is the Kamala beach (Kamala is slightly closer) the resort offers a complimentary bus service to Kamala, but personally we never used it. 

    We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the resort. Each and every meal was fantastic! Starting with breakfast where the choices were endless, and plentiful. From fruit to full-English and everything in-between we never struggled with choice. For lunch we tasted the tapas on offer (see photos attached to this review) I’m not a foodie but the lunch and dinner at this place was enough to make me become one! The flavours were so fresh, the combinations between different ingredients worked really, really well and the portions were always plentiful. I’d recommend the food so much, I’d advice you to come and have a meal here even if you don’t stay here.

    On our second day we went out on one of the many tours on offer by the resort – The Phuket Town Heritage Tour. The driver picked us up at 8am and drove us from the resort to visit a location in which Thai farmers and delivery drivers go for a traditional Thai breakfast once you’ve made they’re deliveries for the day. It was fantastic to add some traditional Thai experiences to our time in Thailand that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about or tried. We then drove around 20 minutes to Phuket town. Our guide was really knowledgeable and showed us the first hotel in Phuket (on on hotel) this was featured in the film The Beach. We also saw plenty of street art and artists working in different studios – every piece of artwork was absolutely stunning! We stopped for coffee before heading up to a viewpoint where we could see across the entire Phuket town from above. This also provided us with fantastic views of the Giant Buddha. I’d really recommend taking part in one of these tours if you get the chance. We saw things and experienced things that I’m 100% sure we wouldn’t have otherwise and for that I’m really grateful.

    The swimming pool on-site is beautiful, we only visited it once but a really good size, and really quiet too (I imagine because many people such as ourselves take advantage of the swimming pool at the room) we had the entire pool to ourselves.

    On leaving the resort we were taken by a driver to our new hotel, we really appreciated this as it was up by the airport so quite a distance. The car used was the same make and model as the one from the tour (4 x 4) it had amazing air-conditioning (much appreciated in the 40 degree heat) so we arrived looking and feeling really refreshed.

  • asiatraveler1964 - from san francisco
    "Another amazing stay at Paresa"

    Stayed here for 2 nights during a business trip. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I booked a cliff villa again and it was spectacular. Hotel staff was busy as they had a wedding and massive rain made their lives much more difficult. However they were extremely professional . The General manager was always around to assist and entertain. Dawid is a great guy . I definitely come back .

  • K L - From London, United Kingdom
    “The perfect stay”

    In addition to being jaw-droppingly beautiful in design and location, the staff here could not be nicer or more willing to help. The unassuming reception area really did not hint at the amazing views and luxury to follow once you have gone down the stairs into the main hotel, so first impressions on check-in don't do it justice. 

    Staying at other hotels on the island afterwards really highlighted what a tight ship the manager runs at Paresa, putting all the other hotels in the shade. From the moment we arrived and were shown to our villa, we felt in holiday mode. Due to a very noisy family staying in the room next to us, the manager very kindly offered to move us to a quieter and more secluded room - nothing was too much trouble. Although it is a relatively expensive hotel, the experience you get while staying there makes it good value for money in my opinion. We moved to a second hotel for our second week on the island, which was more expensive but not even half as nice - we immediately regretted leaving Paresa! Paresa is spectacular for the ocean views, the hotel design and architecture, and the cocktails. The food is generally good too. It's a bit of a ride from Kamala and quite secluded, so don't expect to be able to casually pop out to other restaurants - you need to get taxis. 

    There isn't a beach, but we borrowed the hotel kayaks and paddled out to a stunning nearby bay for snorkelling. As you also have your own private pool in every villa, plus the hotel's stunning infinity pool, we really didn't miss having a beach at all - I loved jumping straight off the pontoon on the rocks into the sea. If you get bitten by mosquitos make sure you bring repellant - due to lots of the rooms (and the restaurant) being situated in and amongst the trees, there are a lot of mozzies around. On the plus side, the hotel really feels like it has been built sympathetically to fit with the landscape. 

    My only niggle was that service by the swimming pool tended to take a long time, perhaps due to the hotel layout (the kitchen where they made the drinks may have been far away) - given the fantastic experience we had overall however this really does feel like a minor point.