Luxury Kamala Resort Phuket - Paresa Resort Phuket

A search for the idyllic and the refreshing has brought us together at Paresa, the heaven of all heavens where the outside world fades away and time stands still.

Perched on the seaside slopes, amid tropical forests, over azure blue waters and a picturesque panorama of the Andaman Sea, Paresa is an oasis of tranquility and unrivalled luxury. Cocoon yourself in style within a resort that is Phuket’s best kept secret, along its most spectacular coastline at Paresa luxury Kamala resort. A secluded retreat to getaway from it all and enjoy an island escape.

Recharge your energy
Restore life balance
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A hideaway style luxury pool villa and pool suite resort in Phuket Thailand, enjoy the islands and beaches from our hotel.


Paresa Resort Phuket